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June 9, 2011

Description: Lightspeed Mfg., Rich Breault

Lightspeed Mfg., Rich Breault

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Description: EMS Success Story

Guest interviewer Stuart Hayton learns about exciting growth for a North American EMS provider and how this is leading to significant new investment in capital equipment.


PRESS RELEASE                                      For Release June 8, 2011


LightspeedPROTO Launched, Dedicated to PCBA Prototype Services
Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA – Lightspeed Manufacturing , a leading Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) provider, announces the launch of LightspeedPROTO, a new division of Lightspeed Manufacturing devoted solely to providing prototype electronic assemblies and related services such as engineering and Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance.

In making the announcement, Rich Breault, Lightspeed’s president, said “Developing prototype assemblies is an essential and very critical part of new product development. Good, well-thought-out prototypes result in robust products and trouble-free production of electronics assemblies. That’s why we have launched LightspeedPROTO, an independent manufacturing cell within the Lightspeed facility. LightspeedPROTO is a separate entity focused exclusively on providing our customers with top-quality prototypes, and fast.

Although it’s a separate entity, its location within our manufacturing facility means that it can take advantage of the readily-available tools, expertise, and technology that drive Lightspeed’s world-class EMS manufacturing. LightspeedPROTO is focused entirely on prototypes – quick turn, consignment, hybrid, and turn-key – and nothing else.”

Lightspeed Proto MYDATA Assembly line

Breault adds that the organization and structure of LightspeedPROTO allows it to operate without interrupting Lightspeed’s EMS production lines, and vice-versa. “This setup allows us to provide reliable, top-quality prototypes, design and engineering help, and fast turnaround with the highest level of individualized service and support.” Breault adds that LightspeedPROTO has been fully equipped with top-quality manufacturing equipment especially suited to prototype development. “We’ve installed two high-precision MYDATA placement machines that will give us a high degree of flexibility and precision to assembly top-quality prototype assemblies,” Breault says. “We’ve equipped our line with the best systems available, and appropriate for prototype assembly.”
Services offered include 72-hour fast prototype assembly, Turn-key PCB assembly service, and Box Build services, among others.
LightspeedPROTO has its own web site and information resource, at “We want our customers to see what we can do and what we can provide, while they plan the development of their own exciting new products” Breault says. “Visit LightspeedPROTO and explore the possibilities.”

About Lightspeed

Lightspeed Manufacturing is a leading EMS/ECM provider of RoHS compliant Lead-free SMT and PTH PCB electronics assembly, SMD / BGA Rework, BGA Reballing, Rework and Repair, with On-Site X-ray & AOI Inspection of PCBs. Lightspeed specializes in all types of electronics assembly, from BGA services to Prototypes to PCB assembly, box build, and chassis assembly, providing a wide range of quality services fast and on time. Lightspeed’s unsurpassed level of individualized customer attention that has made the company a recognized, leading EMS provider. For more information, visit

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Lightspeed Proto Press Release June 2011



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