Pads Power PCB Layout Design Services MA
Lightspeed Proto is a PCB Design Service Bureau offering fast, professional layout in PADS PowerPCB

Pads Power PCB Layout Design Services MA

Pads PowerPCB

Your Manufacturability begins with our PCB design, and Lightspeed Proto combined with Special Projects Group, Inc. has the experience and the qualified staff necessary to produce high quality, fully functional PCB designs that utilize current IPC-7352 conventional fabrication and assembly standards. We build quality into every PCB starting at the design level which will carry right thru to our manufacturing. From the simplest to the most complex high density SMT design, our quality is assured.

  • PCB Design Layout
  • PCB Engineering for project development, Simple to complex-high speed systems.
  • FPGA Design (Xilinx Xperts, Altera)
  • Industrial Design (PCB Enclosures, Chassis Design)
  • Mechanical Engineering & Development for enclosures


Power PCB Layout Example Proudly Made In The USA Silkscreen

American Made Products

Lightspeed Proto is dedicated to bringing the jobs & prosperity back to the (USA) United States of America.  In developing, fabricating & manufacturing new product we are proud to apply the “Made In  The USA”  Logo onto all of our new layout designs.  If you’re looking to add the Proudly Made In The USA” to your design contact us today.

Pads Layout service capabilities

  • Analog/Digital/RF Design
  • High Speed Design
  • Blind/Buried Via's
  • IPC Net list output
  • Pick & Place X, Y insert files
  • Gerber Files
  • High-Speed Digital Designs up to 2.5GHZ+ on standard FR4 & High Performance Materials
  • Low-Level Analog, RF, LVDS, GTL+, PECL, etc.
  • DR/DDR2 & 3,Memory, DVI, Ethernet, USB2, PCI-X, PCI
  • Freescale Semiconductor ,AMD Opteron, INTEL Pentium, Virtex 5 , Stratix GX
  • Atmel ZigBit 2.4 GHz Wireless Modules.

Standard Layout Documentation Package

  • Fabrication & Assembly drawings
  • Gerber , NC Drill, ICT, BOM and X-Y pick-n-place files
  • Database files

Pads Layout
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Pads Router Version 9.2
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Atmel XC9544 LayoutProudly Made In The USA "Really"BGA Layout

Proudly made in the USA PCB silkscreened

PCB/PWB Made In the USA American Flag

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