Turnkey Assembly Services MA
Lightspeed Proto is a full service Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) company providing turnkey assembly services. Lightspeed Proto provides full or partial turn-key assembly of Printed Circuit Board Assemblies, electronic & electromechanical devices.

Lightspeed Proto will order all the components & the materials for your turnkey assembly from your (BOM) Bill of Materials. Assembly's turnkey material & components are systematically managed throughout the process for an uninterrupted manufacturing flow at our factory.


  • Bill of Materials (BOM): A completed BOM including the circuit board and all components preferably in a Microsoft Excel format.  BOM should include: Manufacturer’s Part number, Manufacture’s Name, Reference Designator, Description, and footprint.  Please also include your “Do Not Populate” list, for any parts we will not be placing.
  • PWB Gerber’s: The complete package of Gerber files generated by your CAD program for PWB fabrication.
  • Centroid data: X-Y, Pick and place machine data. Top Side and bottom side with Reference Designators.
  • Assembly Drawings: Showing all Reference-Designators and including all Pin 1 locations.  Don’t forget to include any special assembly procedures, ECO’s etc..

Note: There is a $550 minimum order on materials for a Turn-Key order.

Turnkey Assembly Solutions

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